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"Nancy is awesome! She listens to your needs and makes suggestions according to your needs and income. She is on the ball and always available! I have recommended Nancy to many of my friends and family. I have complete trust and confidence in Nancy!" Lynne Getz



Nancy, as you know, my husband was referred to your company by a relative.  He was very pleased with his Medicare supplement plan.  You spent a generous amount of time showing him multiple options.  He was confident that there would be no surprises down the road.  No wonder I felt comfortable to call on you now that it was my turn to select a plan for myself.

I have a huge recommendation for anyone reading this review. . . CALL Nancy @ Blue Peak Insurance!  You made this most important, complicated and stressful decision SO SIMPLE!  I want to reach as many rookies out there to consider making an appointment to meet you at your office instead of going-it -alone and choosing from a "Market Place Website".  

Your extensive knowledge is priceless...  You are aware of more facts concerning those various companies than any generic website could possibly share. . . I feel bad for hundreds of people who will regret their decision once they are confronted with actually needing the coverage they THOUGHT they purchased only to find out how much was not included ...I appreciated your patience in addressing all my concerns.  Now I can relax!


Hi Nancy, Hope this finds you well...I wanted to thank you for your help with selecting my medigap & prescription drug coverage.  You advised me of the Highmark Plan with the coverage being all inclusive and no co-pays at all.  Of course over the past 4 years it has increased in cost  about $200/year.  That guidance has proved to be invaluable!  In the last several years I have had the normal medical issues and needs etc and of course I have MS so some of them were out of the normal box, but not many.  About a year ago I had to acquire another neurologist and that prompted a new set of tests, blood work etc.  All covered, no copays.  In the last 3 months I have had more difficulties related to my condition and more tests and some medication.  I will now be getting some infusion therapy which seems to be expensive, but not for me.  All covered, no copays.  (The medication company advises that this is most unusual)  So I wanted to say thank you... There isn't anyone else that I would refer our clients and my friends too!


Thanks for your follow up call reaching out about Cigna Plus . . . . . you are so responsive . .you make people feel as if they are the only client you have. . .you are so sincere about CUSTOMER SERVICE. . .we really appreciate it.  

Barbara Buczynski

"Nancy is awesome!  She listens to your needs and makes suggestions according to your needs and income.  She is on the ball and always available!  I have recommended Nancy to many of my friends and family.  I have complete trust and confidence in Nancy!"

Lynne Getz


"Nancy is a thorough professional, very giving of her knowledge and expertise and extremely helpful."

David and Deborah Chapman


"While this health insurance is a major and constant source of anxiety and frustration, I can truly say that working with you is a bright spot in the whole crazy process!  It is nice knowing you are there for any questions and help when it is needed.  Stay strong because we are in for more craziness."

Deanna Niechwiadowicz


"When we made our appointment to meet with a benefits consultant, we never expected to get all the benefits we received (no pun intended) from you in a most instructive, insightful, entertaining hour of learning.  In the most personal and easy-to-understand way, you managed to provide:

  • Countless tips for better planning
  • Significant warnings for more informed choices
  • Tons of reading materials for thoughtful consideration
  • Meaningful homework to ensure all of the above
  • Parting favors, including a medical journal for recording and delectable chocolates.

On a scale of one-to-ten, we rate our time with you a twelve
And on a scale of stars, your service definitely earns at least five.  But just for the heck of it, take ten.

Please accept our exuberant gratitude for so freely sharing your time and knowledge with us."

Baylee and Marshall Gordon


"I use Nancy because she knows the field, is very client centric, competitive and is great."

Michael V. Whalen


"In finding policies for the both of us, that otherwise would have been a very stressful and confusing process, was made quite manageable by Nancy’s help. We were able to find the right policies suitable to us at an age when that has become increasingly difficult.
Steve and Jane Miller

"At the time we were seeking Nancy’s advice regarding health insurance, I had just had a baby and was deciding to continue working as a teacher or to resign and stay home with my son. My major concern pertaining to health insurance was if I was able to purchase a plan that was comparable to my current teacher group insurance. Nancy was wonderful. She met us at a time that was convenient for my family, showed us a variety of plans that gave us about the same coverage as my group insurance, asked us all of the questions and essentially completed the writing of the application for us. Through Nancy, the process was so easy and we could just sit back and “cross our fingers” that we passed the underwriting process. Kudos to Nancy!"
Jackie Neve

"Over the years we’ve used multiple companies to handle our health benefit package. Usually I have one or two options with a take it or leave it attitude. Frustrated, I searched and finally found Blue Peak. Every year since we started working with Blue Peak and Nancy in particular, we’ve done an analysis that helps us decide which package fits our employees needs as well as staying within budget. I know pricing for health insurance is the same wherever you go, but now we have someone in our corner giving us options and guiding us through the confusing mess that health care benefits for employees can be. Thank you Blue Peak!"
Martin Stranges, President, Pittsburgh Computer Solutions

"My husband and I own a small trucking company. We have been very proud of the fact that we pay 100% of our employees health insurance benefits. As the years go by it gets more and more difficult to do that.

Several years ago, we met Nancy Glicksman, with Blue Peak Insurance. Ms. Glicksman has made it possible for us to continue to provide benefits to our employees. We are so happy to have found her. I had a conversation with my sister the other day and she told me that she had a name of an insurance broker that I should check out. My immediate answer was "No Way" ! I am totally satisfied with our current broker. The insurance industry continues to be more and more complicated along with outrageous costs. Nancy's approach is to LISTEN to your needs, ASK the right questions and come up with workable solutions. Her attention to detail is amazing. When a broker can combine all those steps for their customers, it creates a positive situation for the company in an area where there is usually a feeling of hopelessness!

With Blue Peak as our broker, we have at our fingertips, the ability to pick up the phone and have help on the other end. Nancy has helped us out in so many ways. Always there to listen and always there to get you the answers.

As our broker, Nancy Glicksman has taken a difficult area of my job and made it an almost pleasant experience. The cost of health insurance is out of her control, BUT she is gifted at finding the best deal for your company.

Nancy Glicksman is a person of her word. To me, that is the highest compliment that can be given to another person. She is honest, competent, experienced. She handles situations and questions directly, factually, and in a timely manner. It is wonderful to deal with someone we can trust, and who has voluntarily proven, over and over, that she cares about our business and appreciates it.

Thank you, Nancy."
Carol A. Wesling, Vice President, First Class Express, Inc.

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